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All individual training programs are developed and implemented by
USA Triathlon Certified Coach John A. McPhilliamy. 

All training programs can be designed for beginner/first timer to more experienced triathletes and duathletes. They include all race distances from sprint distance races to Ironman distance races.  Your individual training program is customized to suit your abilities, goals, schedule and lifestyle. 


Your training program includes:

  • An initial consultation to evaluate your current fitness level based, to a large extent,
    on your responses as contained in your Athlete Questionnaire.
  • Training that is customized to your specific race schedule and season.
  • Training that is customized to fit your daily schedule and lifestyle.
  • Race day and training nutrition suggestions.
  • account to log in workouts, using the Training Peaks Professional Edition
  • Individual goals for each week, month and season.
  • Analysis of the results of each week’s and month’s workouts.
  • Continued overall evaluation and assessment of your training.
  • E-mail reminders.
  • Unlimited communication via e-mail and/or phone.